Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Fruit Bats

Some of the burgeoning experimental folk scene can be tough to choke down. Some times it just gives you the feeling that it's weird for weird's sake. However, while Fruit Bats sit in that experimental folk scene, they clearly have staked out ground on the poppy end of the spectrum. While some bands will mix in odd sound clips and loops with their folk base, Fruit Bats mix in perculating piano pieces and sweeping strings which makes it much less jarring and hence, downright beautiful.

The band is mainly the project of Eric Johnson who writes, plays and sings all of the songs with a fluid cast around him. Based in Chicago, their third album, Spelled in Bones, was released yesterday. It'll take a little while to digest it but if it's half as good as their last album, Mouthfuls, it'll be a worthwhile purchase.

Here is a track from Spelled in Bones and a pair from Mouthfuls (the last two).

Fruit Bats - Lives of Crime
Fruit Bats - Slipping Through the Sensors
Fruit Bats - A Bit of Wind

By the way, Fruit Bats will be touring the US this fall with Rogue Wave and Chad VanGaalen.

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Anonymous said...

The live performance of "Spelled in Bones" left one wanting a second set. Some Fruit Bats' "Mouthfuls" tunes were played as well and had been noched up. Eric Johnson led but there was a good chemistry between band members, which showed throughout the performance. "Spelled in Bones" CD; buy it and enjoy.

I came for the Fruit Bats but nothing disappointed. Catch the show!