Monday, July 18, 2005

The Legends

I think I should have just named this blog "Bands from Brooklyn and Sweden" the way this first month is going.

Hailing from Stockholm, The Legends continue my argument for the "Swedish Pop Gene". It's gotta be in their blood (or just the excessive hours spent indoors).

The Legends' pop isn't as accessible or silky smooth as those other bands below but it still grows on you really fast. Their fuzzy jangly guitars will remind you of The Jesus & Mary Chain's Psychocandy but the Reid brothers never included so many tambourines and hand claps.

There's nine people in this band but unless three or four of them are just designated hand-clappers, I don't hear them on this record. But that doesn't matter. Their album, Up Against the Legends, is 12 songs long and clocks in under 30 minutes. Classic pop timing. (It also makes for easier downloads for those of you with slow connections.)

The Legends - Call It Ours
The Legends - Make It All Right

Video - The Legends - Call It Ours
Video - The Legends - There and Back Again

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