Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Radiator

Last year, Lee Anderson of Radio Bean and Jim Lockridge of Big Heavy World conceived of a great idea. They set up a newly licensed noncommercial low power FM radio station in Burlington called The Radiator (105.9 FM). Then they went and got a bunch of people associated with the Burlington music scene to come in and do weekly shows.

You can see the full list of programs here but, for those following the VT blogosphere, there are a bunch of bloggers in there too:

♫ Bill Simmon of Candleblog and Steve Benen of The Carpetbagger Report have a talk show on Sunday afternoons.

♫ Nick from Angioplasty Media does a indie music show on Tuesday mornings (9am-11am).

♫ Jason Cooley from Icebox Records does a show on Wednesday nights.

♫ You can hear Tanner from Highgate on Thursday nights from 9pm-11pm.

♫ Jay from Spitting Out Teeth is on the air from 7pm-8pm on Saturday nights.

♫ jb from The Le Duo is spinning free-jazz on Wednesdays from 6pm-8pm.

It's safe to say that the VT blogosphere is well represented.

I hadn't posted about the station before because I was waiting for the signal to be available via an online stream. The over-the-air signal doesn't extend much beyond Burlington so I hadn't had a chance to hear it until now. Thankfully, they finally got the stream to work and now everyone can check it out directly from the station's website. Enjoy.


jb said...

a little shameless plug of my show: 'flap shadowy sounds' your weekly dose of free-jazz wednesdays 6-8pm.

hosted by me.


Anonymous said...

I just wanted to share my new blog with your readers. It’s called Mystic Chords Of Memory and I’m planning on posting a show or two every day. Hope you and your readers check it out.

Flatlander said...

jb, sorry about the oversight. I just added your show to the main post.