Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Hub Vermont

Got a small business? Writer? Tired of doing all your business in coffee shops? Well, The Hub Montpelier is your golden ticket out of Capitol Grounds.

Here's the idea...The Hub Vermont is an office on State Street in Montpelier that is geared towards people who want an office environment but don't have the cash or need for a full private office in the heart of downtown. For $350 a month, you can join The Hub and use the conference rooms, offices, common space and facilities for the few hours you need an office each month. There's even an $80 a month option where you can use 50 workstation hours a month. Plus, you can use the place as your business address and receive your work mail in a PO Box within the office.

While I don't need this service now, I used to work out of my home which got a bit lonely after a while. I think I would have enjoyed being in an environment like this where you see people coming and going throughout the day and get to have some casual conversation. Plus, it can work as an incubator for ideas as you discuss issues with the other members.

You can download a brochure in a pdf format here.

The only downside to something like this is if you get an annoying loudmouth in there who makes it difficult to work. So, if you have an abrasive personality, do everyone a favor and don't sign up.

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