Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Living in Vermont, one of the things we don't have here are chic late night clubs with cool DJs pumping out the latest beats. Well, while Awdio doesn't give you the experience of paying $15 for a cocktail and hanging among the beautiful people, the site is able to bring you the music in a continuous stream straight from the DJ booth.

The site is still in the beta mode but they are offering 100 minute free trials before they start charging you for checking out the hippest clubs from around the world. I haven't ponied up any money for a full membership but I like clicking on the various clubs' names, seeing where in the world it's located, figuring out what time it is there and listening to whatever the DJ is spinning and programming.

I was just listening to a club in Berlin where it was 6am but the house music was pumping. However, having been to Berlin, I'm not the least surprised to hear that people are dancing at 6am on a Wednesday morning. It's a crazy town.

Perhaps that's the charm of's fun to check out the music but it also makes the world feel much smaller.

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