Thursday, April 17, 2008

Alexi Murdoch

This one is easy. If you like Nick Drake, you'll like Alexi Murdoch.

I'm not saying that aspects of Alexi Murdoch remind me of Nick Drake. I'm saying that Murdoch's album Time Without Consequence sounds like an album of lost Nick Drake songs. It's amazing how similar they sound; from their instrumentation to the tonal pitch of their voices. The biggest differences between the two are that Murdoch's songs are slightly more upbeat (but that's like saying ant is taller than a termite; nobody is rocking out here) and Murdoch is a Scotsman to Drake's English heritage. That's about it.

So, if you like Nick Drake, treat yourself to a fine album of Alexi Murdoch.

Alexi Murdoch | All My Days | Buy

Alexi Murdoch | Dream About Flying | Buy


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Anonymous said...

I just watched "Away We Go" and thought it was Nick Drake that I had not heard. It was a great movie and I was happy to find an artist I was not familiar with. Win win!

gokul sharma said...

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