Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Green Up VS Race Cars

This Saturday marks the 38th anniversary of Green Up Day. On the first Saturday in May thousands of Vermonters participate in the nation's largest roadside clean up. Each year my neighbors and I spend a few hours collecting the beef jerky wrappers, Dunkin' Donut cups,Skoal tins, (once even a f'n cot) that are revealed by spring's thaw. It's amazing how much shit people throw out their window, but, each year I pick up a bit of the mess. 

At the same time on Saturday I'll be lured from my good deed by 100 race cars lining the streets of downtown Barre. The Thunder Road Merchants Bank Car Show kicks off the 49th season of Barre's infamous paved oval, Thunder Road Speed Bowl. I mean, how can I miss the pit stop contest? The car show starts at 9 am, ending in a parade to the race track at noon, followed by the Merchants Bank 150.

The conflict. Woes me.

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