Friday, April 04, 2008

Plants & Animals du Nord

This picture IS Plants and Animals. This latest Montreal export is a mishmash, far out, stupendous band. Reference points as broad as The Go Team and Phish, within the same song even (please don't let that stop you), they craft songs that are as engaging as they are interesting. One of my favs off the recently released Parc Avenue (so QC) is the Peter Frampton meets Broken Social Scene styled tune Feedback in the Field. It is almost as if the songs are a celebration, but stop short of being annoying, thanks in part to a steady stream of American/roots/blues.  After a strong SXSW showing a few weeks ago, Plants and Animals will be stopping at Cegep Mont Morency, Laval, QC tomorrow before closing out the tour in the Maritime. Keep an eye out, as they should be back on the road in May.

Plants and Animals | Feedback in the Field | Buy

Plants and Animals | Faerie Dance | Buy

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Peter said...

They really need to come back to Higher Ground. I tracked them all the way up to the release of the album and I love it.

UVM's radio WRUV is playing their music all the time now.