Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Capstan Shafts News

Here are a few news items about the best thing out of Lyndonville, The Capstan Shafts:

♪ On May 2, The Capstan Shafts will be playing at Middlebury College with Menomena and The Ruby Suns. It's the school's annual spring music festival. I have no idea whether it'll be just Dean or if he'll have a band with him. I'll take it either way. Tickets ($10) are available here. The cool thing is that it's a Friday night, it's open to the public and it's my birthday that night. Hey!

♪ On March 31, Dean released another album. It's a homemade CD-R release called Miles Per Famine. It costs $3 plus $2 for shipping. Nice. You can order it by either paypal to deanedwardwells@yahoo.com or via the post office with cash/check at dean wells box 348 lyndonville vt. 05851.

The Capstan Shafts | Evelyn Halfstep | Order Info Above

The Capstan Shafts | You Have Such Low Standards | Order Info Above

♪ On June 27th, Dean will be releasing his next full length album (I'm not even sure what that means in the world of The Capstan Shafts one-minute songs). No title yet but, like Environ Maiden, it'll be on Rainbow Quartz.

The best source for news on The Capstan Shafts is the myspace page that a fan maintains. Be sure to check it for the latest on all things Capstan Shafts.


Will said...

Apparently not the best source anymore! You got there first with the Ruby Suns thing, which was new on me. Wish I was going even more now. Dean's been contributing to the Myspace thing as well btw - you'll know Dean's posts from his aversion to tab keys and punctuation.

WRMC Middlebury College said...

thanks for the shout out! see you at the show.

Flatlander said...

Will, I'm just echoing what you and Dean are posting on the myspace page. So, you site should still be the first stop for CS fans.

WRMC, you're welcome. Do you know if Dean is playing solo or with a band?