Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Sock Sale | Nov 10 & 11

Here it comes again. The annual sock sale at Cabot Hosiery in Northfield is this weekend (Nov 10 & 11) and next weekend (Nov 17 & 18). It runs from each day from 8:30am to 4:30pm and is located in the company's factory along Rt. 12 in Northfield. If you are driving south on Rt. 12, the factory will be on your left before you reach the town. Look for the signs.

People always laugh at me for loving this sock sale but it's a great deal. Socks that are $10 and up in the mall are $1-$2 at the sale. So, if you don't go hunting, go get yourself some cheap socks.
Piggy-backing on the popularity of the sock sale is the t-shirt/sweatshirt sale at Norwich University which I believe raises money for Northfield youth sport programs and the fleece sale at Black Diamond Fleece on Gallison Hill Road in Montpelier just pass the Civic Center. Lots of good deals at those sales as well. The one difference is that the Black Diamond fleeces are really expensive to begin with. So, sometimes, even at a 70% off, you're still dropping $20 for a thin pullover. The flipside is that it's all high quality stuff. I still have every fleece I've ever bought from them.


Sodom Pond 35:13 said...

From the Consumer's Desk: I love the idea of The Sock Sale, and I have gone for several years in a row, but I have to say that I have been more and more disappointed with the quality of the socks I have lugged home. Last year a pair of wool socks I brought home developed a massive hole the very first time I wore them (a matching pair lasted about 5 wearings)--and these were not "seconds" or socks from the cheapo table. If I go this year (and I may) I will shop carefully, and maybe just stick to the still-kinda-expensive "Darn Tough" socks. On the other hand, I think the T-shirt sale is great.

Eva the Deadbeat said...

I am not laughing, loved the sock sale! Am vlogging it. I was the one gorging herself on sock deals. Did not see you there Brian?

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