Thursday, November 08, 2007

Indiecon 2007

November 8-10, Burlington, VT
The Free All-Ages Big Heavy World Music Conference

Tonight is the kick-off for Burlington's version of South by South West. Indiecon, which is the product of the great lovers/promoters/champions of local independent music Big Heavy World, is in it's third year of bringing together the moving parts of the area's exciting local scene. Live performances, films, panel discussions, workshops are all on tap for the artists and music lovers alike. The listing of performances range bluegrass, hardcore, singer songwriter, and rock 'n roll. The panels include The Middle East's (Boston) booking agent, WRUV's music director, the owner of Nectar's/Metronome, and many others. As diverse as Burlington itself.

Here are a couple shows that look interesting. Check out the site for full schedule and bios.

Can't Face the Falling
All female tour de force of straight ahead rock, Channeling Sleater-Kinney and the greats of the girl scene.

Tim Williams
Picture an old, tattered copy of Whitman's Leaves of Grass sitting in a murky basement of whatever house you grew up in. Now, picture finding that one night at 3 a.m., reeling from the loss of someone or something, seismic or miniscule. When Work Is Done by Tim Williams is kind of like that. With each one of his songs Williams paints open door portraits of life hinging on piercing naturalness: the contemplative guitar, the dusty room reverb, and the voice that cracks with the freedom of two bottles of red wine. This is not some stock attempt at honesty and impact; it's a fresh, rough, impressionistic landscape of the world as he sees it...

The Marigolds
The Marigolds are a young Burlington based band, known for their modernized 1970's rock sound. Their uninhibited rock and roll attitude lends itself to refreshingly unpredictable live shows. The Marigolds originally formed as a Neil Young tribute band in New Jersey, where band members Jake Brennan (guitar), Hanna Hiller (guitar) and Dave Hughes (bass) attended the same grammar school. The band has since recorded two original albums, "City Alone" (2005) and "Buffalo" (2006). The Marigolds relocated to Vermont in 2006, added Eric Jags (drums) to the line up and is currently working on their third full-length album. The Marigolds' wickedly fun and eclectic repertoire makes them one of the most exciting young bands in the northeast.

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Peter said...

Wow, I really like Tim Williams sound, might have to go see him on Saturday night.