Friday, November 30, 2007

Merge Records & Oxfam America Charity Auction

Want to help feed some hungry folks in Eastern & Central North Carolina? Buy this poster.

Merge Records and Oxfam America are teaming up to raise money for the Food Bank of Eastern & Central North Carolina by auctioning off various collectibles and memorabilia on eBay. The poster above is signed by all the members of Arcade Fire and is on auction until Sunday morning. The current bid is $760. That should feed a few folks.

If that's a bit steep for you, there are also signed posters from David Kilgour, Shout Out Louds and the Rosebuds available.

Arcade Fire | Age of Consent (New Order cover) (live)

Shout Out Louds | The Comeback Big Slippa Mix By ratatat | Buy

The Rosebuds | You Better Get Ready | Buy


Bob F. said...

Thanks for that, Brian.

Was going to win the Arcade Fire poster for you, but had to stop bidding at $650. ;)

Flatlander said...

They should have had Sasha Frere Jones sign it also. Now, that would have been a collectible...among indie blogosphere me.

max said...

I love that ratatat Mix. Thanks for that.

Anonymous said...

can you please email me the new order cover "AGE OF CONSENT" PLEASE
thank you