Friday, November 30, 2007

Montpelier Winter Market

I should have been posting about this a few days ago but I've been slacking on my posts. However, if you catch this post early on Saturday, be sure to swing by the new Winter Market in Montpelier.

Based upon the success of the Farmer's Market every Saturday in Montpelier from May-October, they have decided to do a Winter Market in the Vermont College Gymnasium. The market will run the first Saturday of each month (10am - 2pm) from December to April. That means tomorrow will be the first market. Now you can see why I'm late with this post.

The market will feature local meats, cheeses, root vegetables, crafts, cider, etc. Basically, it'll be similar to the summer market except without the summer vegetables.

VPR had a commentary on winter markets today. One interesting statistic the commentator threw out there was that studies have shown that people have ten times more conversations at a farmer's market than they do at the grocery store. Anecdotally for me, that rings true. The farmer's market doubles as a social event for me as opposed to the grocery store where it's a rush to the finish line.

There are other winter markets across Vermont also. You can find a full listing of both summer and winter farmer's markets on this site.

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