Thursday, August 10, 2006

Winner of Everything | UPDATE

It's all over. The Mountaineers have beaten Torrington 4-1 in Game Two to win the NECBL title for 2006.

Congratulations! Great season! Go out and get shitfaced!

Hopefully, a bunch of these guys will return next year to defend the title.

On the internet broadcast, they announced that there will be a celebration at Capitol Plaza on Friday at 11am. Kind of a peculiar place to host it (I would have guessed the statehouse lawn or ballpark) but Capitol Plaza is a big supporter of the team. So, it'll work.

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Come on, "We Are the Champions" is too damn obvious.

UPDATE: I spoke to someone who works at Capitol Plaza and is associated with the team. They said the early start was due to the players having to leave town. Some had flights and long car drives. So, this was the only celebration they could do.

They said there were about 300 people at the celebration and it only lasted about twenty minutes. Disappointing that they couldn't do something bigger and at a better time but understandable.


K. said...

Huh? 11:00 Am on a Friday? Odd what about all the people that have...uhhh...WORK.

Flatlander said...

I agree 100%. The two logical choices would have been at the ballpark at 6:30 which is the usual game time or on Saturday morning on the statehouse lawn when everyone is downtown anyway for the farmer's market.

I doubt it was an issue with the players needing to fly out of town immediately because they wouldn't have been able to leave if they had lost and needed to play tonight.

I missed it. Oh, well.