Friday, August 25, 2006

The Mugs

It's tough to make it as a band. It's even tougher when crap like your band's name gets in the way. The Mugs are a good indie rock band from Brooklyn. However, they must lose some confused potential fans who google The Muggs rather than The Mugs and get the bland Detroit blues band. One lowercase "g" can cost them a fan any day.

Oh, well. That's their problem. Not mine. After hearing them on KEXP, I found their site, ordered their album and have been enjoying it for the last month or so.

While it has a bit of a post-rock feel to it, I think it's just downtempo indie rock with palatable guitar melodies. I think what sells me on these guys is Jeremy Gough's vocals and the quiet underlying piano and organ that runs through a lot of the tracks. Nothing dominates their sound but they all blend together nicely.

Next month, they are going to launch a nationwide tour. However, the closest they are going to come to Vermont is Sep 28th when they'll be playing the NEMO Festival in Boston. I'm going down for the festival to be a panelist on blogging during the conference part of the festival but that won't be until Saturday, the 30th. So, I'll miss them. But at least I found their website.

The Mugs | While It Lasts | Buy
The Mugs | Firm Ground | Buy

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Nick said...

i think? they played Higher Ground last June with locals The Cush.