Monday, August 14, 2006

Mud Bogging

At The New Year show on Friday night (I'm writing the post tonight), I was telling some friends that I had to drive back to Vermont that night because, in the morning, my son was going to a mud bog with a friend and their family. That often prompted the question, "What's a mud bog?" Well, my son's friend's parents sent over these photos of the afternoon. Basically, it's a lot of mud and trucks. A little boy's dream.


Tmoore said...

shweet dood.

K. said...

i can see why a little kid might find this fun (mud and trucks). whats the excuse for the adults?

Anonymous said...

Dude mud boggs are 14 years old and i do it. I race a late 80's model blazer with a custom built 454 bored to 472. 4.10 gear ratios, ratchet shifter, and 33 inch boggers for the bog. 31 inch swampers for the mud drag. We run in stock class with open headers. We race in Kentucky, Indiana, and Illinois. They are points races. Im second in the year for the bogg and my dad is first in the drag. Its like really fun to ride but its even better to drive. This engine pulls 500 horses and 500+ pounds of torque and 19 inchs of vacuum(the stock requirements are 17) if you wanna reply back e-mail at