Saturday, August 26, 2006

Screw Lee Greenwood

This week, I've noticed a bunch of posters pop up around town for a Lee Greenwood concert at Norwich University next month. It's being billed as a "Night of Patriotism and Music" to welcome home the troops. What a friggin' bastard!

The guy used his jingoistic music to fan the flames of war leading up to the Iraq invasion. Then after Vermont has loss more soldiers per capita than any other state, he has the gall to come here and charge the families of these soldiers $20-$35 a pop to hear his crappy music. What an unmitigated asshole.

If it was a benefit show, I'd be more understanding but I don't see anything stating that all of the money is going to the people that lost their loved ones. This is just Lee Greenwood finishing the ass-raping over a barrel of these families that he started back in 2002. Unbelievable.

The only reason he should come to Vermont would be to apologize for being a cog in the war promotion & propaganda machine and to raise money for the families of the soldiers that have served in Iraq. Otherwise, he should stay away. And Norwich University and WPTZ should be embarassed to be associated with this fiasco.

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Anonymous said...

Both my brothers served in Iraq.

Both hate Lee Greenwood.

This is what you might call "irony."

I prefer to call it "good taste."

K. said...

Don't hold back your true feelings Murph.

Anonymous said...

Well said flatlander. What a shame that people are being sucked into lining this guys pockets with money in the name of patriotism and supporting the troops. Not to mention the music sucks as well. If we really want to support the troops we would bring them home out of the civil war crossfire in Iraq or send them the personal supplies they need that DOD can't seem to get to folks in Iraq. Wonder if any protestors will show up for old Lee?

VT Green

True said...

What a true asswhole, have you ever lost anyone close? Regardless of the feelings about war when you have lost someone just the recognition is great. If you're a true flatlander the go home and make your shit happen somewhere else.

Flatlander said...

Yes. I have lost someone close in a terrorist attack. And if someone charged me $35 to have them recognize my friend's memory, I'd say they were a jerk too.

I'm glad there is a event to welcome home the troops. However, I have a problem with Greenwood profiting on it.