Sunday, August 20, 2006

Tobias Fröberg

Feel like having one of those whirlwind romances with a song where you instantly fall in love with it's pop melodies but burn out on its simplicity within a month? Well, have I got the song for you.

Tobias Fröberg is a Swedish pop merchant who, on Aug 22nd, will release his second album. It's titled Somewhere In the City and contains the song I'm all hot and bothered by recently, "When the Night Turns Cold".

Imagine Jose Gonzalez with frantic bongos, back-up singers, xylophone and and more hooks than old man's fishing hat. The thing is great and I fell in love with it within the first thirty seconds of hearing it.

Having said that, I've had these sort of daliances with songs before and they always flame out. The songs I love year after year take a long time to grow on me. So, I'm expecting to be tired of this song by the time Columbus Day rolls around. Hopefully, by then, I'll have found other tunes on the album to devour ("What a Day" has the early lead in that category).

If you really fall in love with the tune, you can catch Fröberg in Boston on Sep 12th at Paradise Lounge and Montreal on Sep 15th at Cabaret du Musee Juste Pour Rire. That leaves two open dates while he's traveling from Boston to Montreal. Too bad he doesn't have a VT show plugged in there since he'll be traveling through. other tour dates can be found here.

Tobias Fröberg | When the Night Turns Cold | Buy

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