Sunday, August 27, 2006

Built To Spill | Coming to Burlington | Oct 1st | Kingdom For a Voice

Built To Spill was scheduled to play Higher Ground last April but had to postpone the show when Doug Martsch suffered a detached retna. Well, I guess the surgery was successful because the folks from Idaho will be at Higher Ground on Oct 1st in the big room.

Built To Spill is one of those bands that has been recommended to me a hundred times and I feel I should like but have never been able to get into them. Back in the 90's, the folks on the Pavement mailing list raved about Built To Spill but they didn't click for me. However, I've never seen them live and sometimes that can get me into a band. So, I'm gonna go to the show in hopes of finally figuring out what I'm missing.

By the way, ear farm has the live tracks from a show they did in Boise this June up on their site.

Speaking about Built To Spill also dovetails nicely into tipping everyone off to a new Vermont blog that talks about indie music and soccer. It's called Kingdom For a Voice and it's not actually new. It's new to Vermont since he recently moved to Vermont from Oklahoma. The blog has, in fact, been going since August 2005.

The reason Kingdom For a Voice (is that a Thoreau or REM reference?) and Built To Spill dovetail so well together is because last night KFaV posted about how Built To Spill kept coming up on his iPod while driving from Oklahoma to Vermont and how the song "Convential Wisdom" bugs his wife. You can also pick up the mp3 for the song over there.

It's nice to have another music blogger in Vermont. Let's go down the roll call again:

Lat 44.2N
Analog Giant
Underpants Records
Tiny Meat
Icebox Records
Kingdom For a Voice

stereojoe says he has stopped blogging for a while but hopefully he'll come back at some point.

Here's a video for Built To Spill's "Cars":


kingdomforavoice said...

Thanks for the mention, i'm honored. The latest built to spill album is the first i've really connected with. If i can get the job situation taken care of i will definatly be there.

gumper72 said...

I could never really get into Built to Spill either. For me, I think it's because I prefer things to be a little sloppy and lo-fi. Built to Spill are tight and polished, and they're not afraid of guitar acrobatics - something that's often frowned upon in the indie world.

That said, there's something to be said for pure skill, and BTS definitely have that...or at least they used to...and I'm speaking only about studio talent because I've never seen them live.

I'm going to and looking forward to the show in Burlington. I suppose there's a chance it'll be an hour and a half of show-offy I'm approaching it as an opportunity to be blown away by some tight, intricate rock & roll.

Neil said...

I've never been a fan, but saw them in Chapel Hill once and thought oh my god, they're a jam band. They had the smelly crowd, the long, meandering solos... the whole bit. (Shades of the Flaming Lips-crossover phenomenon?) At the time I was a little too tired to pay attention, but in another mood might have been into it as I'm not above stoning out on raging guitar jams. Once their endless live version of Cortez The Killer on a jukebox bent my mind severely so, y'know... I'm definitely not opposed to them. Although his voice has never helped matters for me.