Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Bonnie 'Prince' Billy | My Heritage

Next month, Will Oldham, aka Bonnie 'Prince' Billy, will be releasing his 713th album (The Letting Go). And I've been loving the beautiful single from the album "Cursed Sleep". So, I had Oldham on my mind when I discovered the hot new site, is a wonderful waste of time. You basically upload a picture of someone and their software finds celebrities and famous historical figures that look like the person in the picture. Since I always find Oldham to be a peculiar looking fellow, I thought I'd use his picture for my first test spin of the software.

Here are the results:

It looks like Oldham is more likely to resemble creepy historical figures rather than celebrities which makes a lot of sense. I could see Oldham, who spent some time acting earlier in his career, playing Bram Stoker or Nietzsche; although nobody is going to make a movie about either of those guys.

By the way, how the hell does Slovenian ski jumper Primož Peterka get listed as a celebrity. Plus, he doesn't look anything like Oldham. I guess that's why is only in beta phase so far.

Bonnie 'Prince' Billy | Cursed Sleep | Buy

Here's the video for "Cursed Sleep":


kingdomforavoice said...

Ahh my man Bonnie "Prince" Billy, i can't wait for that new album and the video is weirdly entertaining.

Joshua said...

cursed sleep has been in heavy rotation this summer. and its just getting better!

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