Thursday, December 29, 2005


So, who's up for some twee?

And I'm not talking about dipping your toe into the pool. Listening to Tullycraft is the equivalent of doing a cannonball into the deep end of the twee pool. Hell, who else would have a lyric like "You can keep your punk rock, ska, rap beats and house. Fuck me, I'm twee!"

What the hell is twee, you ask? It's basically pop on steroids without a drop of rock 'n roll machismo. Still interested? Good because Tullycraft released a really good album this year called Disenchanted Hearts Unite.

Hailing from the Evergreen State, the ten-year-old quintet finally got their twee asses in gear and released a follow-up to their 2002 pop head-bopper, Beat Surf Fun. The stuff is often faulted for being too precious but sometimes I get tired of music that "challenges the listener" and just want to let my feet tap and head bop for awhile. For the same reason I can't eat Mike & Ike's all the time, I can't listen to twee endlessly. However, at the right times, Tullycraft gets a lot of spins.

From Beat Surf Fun:

Tullycraft - Twee (courtesy of Think Tank)

From Disenchanted Hearts Unite:

Tullycraft - Stowaway (courtesy of songs:illinois)
Tullycraft - Girl About Town (courtesy of songs:illinois)
Tullycraft - Our Days in Kansas
Tullycraft - Rumble With the Gang Debs


Jim said...

John Richards from KEXP loves this band. I heard them on the first KEXP podcast and liked what I heard also. I think you're right that too much twee can get old, but it's good in small doses.

chad said...



When you could be foisting my 14 year old bad cover of Centerfold on your readers??????

Early Happy New Year, Murph.