Saturday, December 17, 2005

Those Crazy Russian Gymnasts

This video is amazing. I don't know who this kid is or whether he's a trained gymnast or not but the kid is just unbelievable. If Olympic gymnastics was more like this video, perhaps I'd watch it every fourth summer.

By the way, the video certainly wasn't shot by the Russian Tourism Board. The place looks pretty damn bleak. I know every country has their good and bad neighborhoods but this place looks like hell.


nico said...


That was stunning. Somebody should get that guy a gig in Hollywood. If he had even semi-decent English he could be in movies. If he only speaks Russian, well, he'd be a heck of a stuntman.

scully said...

Discussed on MetaFilter last month in case anyone is interested. That is some cool stuff, but apparently kids are getting killed trying it at home.

Flatlander said...

Good catch Scully. Thanks. I didn't know about parkour before your post.

The moment when he is jumping across the apartment building without a roof and lands on the top of a wall without anything on the other side other than certain death, is very scary. I've watched it a few times and lurch backwards each time I see it.