Thursday, December 01, 2005

Hot Ticket Series | Seven Days | Higher Ground

This week, Seven Days announced a new concert promotion in conjunction with Higher Ground called the Hot Ticket Series. Seven Days will promote one specific concert each month with various things like contests for free tickets and mentions in Seven Days.

This month, the concert they are promoting is Tarantula A.D. in the Showcase Lounge at Higher Ground next Wednesday, Dec 7th. I'm not familiar with Tarantula A.D. but they appear to be from NYC and feature a combo of classical music and metal. The contest to win free passes this month involves finding seven tarantulas on the Seven Days website. I found six pretty easily before I realized that I may not be eligible for the contest and I was already going to the Iron & Wine|Calexico show the next night.

I'm happy to see Seven Days promote these shows because with the lack of ticket sales for indie rock shows at Higher Ground over the last year, Higher Ground seems to have severely cut down on the number of indie rock shows on their schedule. They know they can sell out a ka-jillion jam-band shows like Rusted Root, Grace Potter, Hot Tuna, Dark Star Orchestra, etc. So, that's what they are booking. It's annoying but I understand that the place is a for-profit enterprise and not a for-Murf enterprise. However, if Seven Days' new promotions boost interest in these shows, perhaps we'll see more indie rock shows there in the future.

Tarantula A.D. - Grazie Signore (courtesy sixeyes)
Tarantula A.D. - Who Took Berlin: Part I (courtesy Sucka Pants)


jds said...

Pitchfork review. 5.8. Ouch.

Flatlander said...

They aren't really my cup of tea either. Hopefully, the show doesn't pitch a shutout.

I imagine that UVM students are starting to deal with final exams around now so I doubt too many of them will be at the show on Wednesday.