Thursday, December 08, 2005


About 18 months ago, a friend in Montpelier moved him and his family back to his native South Carolina. Here's the weird thing, since he's moved, he and I have come to realize that we have been listening to similar bands all along. When he was living here, we never discussed music. It was always about kids and other stuff.

I always assume people aren't listening to indie bands and, hence, never talk about it. I guess he had done the same thing. Therefore, it never came up. It wasn't until I started writing this blog that we learned we were both enjoying the same crap.

At least now through gmail, we have been able to share music back and forth. And one of the cool artists he has tipped me off to recently is n.lannon.

n.lannon is a musician from San Francisco that reminds me a lot of two bands I've recently written about: David Pajo and Mark Kozelek (am I in a rut?). All three artists play minimal acoustic folk music but with atmospheric electronic backing sounds. And all three are recording beautiful tunes.

The other similarity between the three artists is the number of different names they record under and bands they play in. n.lannon, whose real name is Nyles Lannon, also records under n.Ln and plays in the bands Film School and Reizoko. n.Ln's sound is more electronic while Film School and Reizoko are more post-rock.

n.lannon's Chemical Friends is available via Badman Recordings which also puts out some of Mark Kozelek's solo stuff. Film School's alwaysnever EP is available via Amazing Grease.

So, who do you think had the abbreviation idea first? M. Ward, J. Tilman or n.lannon? And why are they all folkies? Hmmm.

n.lannon - Hollow Heart
n.lannon - Turn Time Around
n.lannon - Demons

Film School - Activated
Film School - PS

Reizoko - Redrawn (The Bird) (out of print)

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jds said...

Like Pajo, this guy really has the Elliott Smith thing down. I'm digging it.