Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Get the Wrecker!

At lunch today, I looked in our mailbox and found a good example of why it's so entertaining to live in Montpeculiar. However, before I get into the letter, here is a little background...we live on a street that dead-ends into a large city park called Hubbard Park. In the park, there are various hiking trails, fields, shelters, ponds and a big sledding hill. There isn't any parking at our access point to the park so folks just park along our street. It's no big deal.

So, with that in mind, here is the poem that was written on the paper I found in our mailbox:

On New Year's Eve one year ago
It was a great time to be alive
For Liz and Chris fell in love that day
And made wedding plans for 2005

They met in Hubbard Park
On that fated day
And will soon meet again at 3:00
To wed, sled and play

They'll be bringing their friends
And their families, quite a few
We hope you won't mind them parking
On your street for an hour or two

We'll be gone by 5 at the latest
And promise not to create a fuss
We couldn't afford the liability insurance
To rent a very large school bus

If you have any objections
Please call their friend, Michelle
And on this New Year's Eve
We thank you and wish you well
Oh, the "people watching" should be pretty damn good on Saturday.

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