Thursday, December 22, 2005

A Bend In the River

There's a blog from New Hampshire (I think it's coming out of The Granite State) that I've been enjoying for the last few months. It's called A Bend In the River. It's a blog of photographs taken by the author of the blog ("G"). No music; just photos.

There are a few things I like about the guy's blog. First of all, the photos are very good and the guy doesn't seem to use any special lens or lighting. He just has a really good eye for his everyday surroundings. Second, the guy is prolific. He has a new photo up on the site almost everyday and the quality rarely drops off. Lastly, it's the most calming blog I've ever read. Blogs tend to be very busy with things all over the page and links and backgrounds and ads and whatnot. However, G keeps it very simple. The front page of the blog is usually just the photo and then any description or discussion of the photo occurs on the comments. Plus, his subjects tend to be calming.

Overall, it's a good blog to bookmark.

Neil Young - Distant Camera

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Gina said...

Hey, thanks for the message and the Eux Autres love. Every time "Salut Les Copains" comes through my headphones I feel like dropping whatever I'm doing and getting up on the table and playing air guitar.

Or something.