Sunday, April 01, 2007

Peter Bjorn & John | Fujiya & Miyagi | Coming to Montreal | May 5th

I love it when my favorite bands tour together. It makes for a mini-festival without having to deal with camping, mud and sunscreen. Well, come May 5th, two of my recent faves, Peter Bjorn & John and Fujiya & Miyagi will be rolling in Montreal to play Le National on May 5th.

Rather than retype my feelings about all these guys, here's some links to past posts:

Fujiya & Miyagi rave
Peter Bjorn & John post about new album and Casey's review in Dusted
Peter Bjorn & John rave

If you aren't in the Montreal area, Pitchfork has some other tour dates.

Peter Bjorn & John | Amsterdam | Buy
Fujiya & Miyagi | Ankle Injuries | Buy

Peter Bjorn & John's video for "Objects of my Affection":

Fujiya & Miyagi's video for "Collarbone":


jay said...

This show would definitely be worth a two hour drive...looks like I may be visiting the motherland in May.

Flatlander said...

We should talk about carpooling for the show. Make Al Gore proud.

jds said...

Count me in.

Anonymous said...

Fuji was by far, the WORST show I have ever seen in Montreal. Any band that sings its own name in a song SUCKS.