Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Deep Soda | Higher Ground | Apr 20th

Apr 20th is shaping up to be a busy night for music. Besides the Yo La Tengo show in Northampton and Kris Gruen's show at Langdon Street (which I'll post about soon), Burlington's Deep Soda will be playing the big room at Higher Ground with RAQ.

It's almost impossible to pigeon hole Deep Soda into any one genre or description since their sound changes from album to album, song to song and verse to verse. Sometimes they flash brief animated jingles with flushes of strings and chorus and then they're singing a capella through a synthesizer and then they're rocking bar chords. If they were folkies, their deconstruction of the modern song format would make them eligible for the freak folk moniker but they plug-in and rock much too hard for that scene. So, let's just go with "rock deconstructionists with a pop bent".

Deep Soda | Red Carpet | Buy
Deep Soda | Viy | Buy

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