Monday, April 09, 2007

Pond Skimming at Bolton Valley

Yesterday, we spent Easter Sunday up at Bolton Valley watching the pond skimming competition. It was a fun way to end the ski season. Although with the temperatures around 32°, a steady wind and constant snow showers, it felt more like the middle of the ski season rather than the end of it.

I would have loved to have been able to edit all of these videos togther into one long montage but I don't have the knowledge or software to pull that off. So, instead you get a post with twelve embedded YouTube videos in it.

First up is a lady who went with the Easter theme and dressed as a bunny. This was one of the best face plants of the day.

The snowboarders definitely had an advantage skidding over the pond. This guy was so cavalier that he even kicked up a big splash right over a bunch of the judges at the end.

I was glad to see Ronaldino was represented on the pond.

This guy tried it backwards. A+ for effort.

Ninja with a flag. He sinks more than crashes.

Why are penguins all of a sudden so popular? They're everywhere these days.

Ben the Moose came so close to making it. I was just impressed that the person was able to snowboard down wearing that big moose head.

This guy did it in just shorts which would have made for an entertaining crash but he cruised right over.

The Boy Wonder glides right over but wipes out on the jump.

This guy tried it on one ski which got him about five feet into the pond.

Go Go Go-Cart. This one was a big hit with my son.

And lastly, the pirate ship came down as the grand finale.

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