Saturday, March 17, 2007

Fujiya & Miyagi

What do you make of a British trio that goes by a Japanese name and plays krautrock-inspired tunes? It gets even more peculiar when you learn that one guy has adopted the moniker Fujiya, another guy is Miyagi and the poor bass player goes by Ampersand. It sucks sometimes to be the last guy to join a band.

Regardless, Fujiya & Miyagi's recent album Transparent Things is droning yet melodic and back with beats. The songs can sound a bit repetitive as you progress through the album. However, I've listened to Transparent Things straight through numerous times and the repetition hasn't gotten on my nerves yet. There are enough sub-beats and sub-melodies to keep it fresh.

They're currently touring the US in limited cities to sold out crowds which seems to be the model to follow for blog-loved bands these days. Hopefully, they'll continue to follow that model and come back stateside later this year with a full-blown set of tour dates.

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jay said...

I really need to buy this album now that it finally got a long-overdue U.S. release. It was one of my favorite albums last year--very "Can"-esque, but more fun and danceable.