Friday, April 06, 2007

Junior Boys to Play Easter Burlington Show

I don't know about bunnies and pastel eggs, but I'm quite certain there will be plenty of hip shaking on Sunday night when the fine Canadian duo Junior Boys play the small room at Higher Ground with San Serac. Laptop music isn't usually my thing, especially live, but Junior Boys' last two records, Last Exit and So This Is Goodbye, are entirely infectious. I can't get enough of their white boy soul layed over electronic pop beats.

Below are the finalists in the Junior Boys video contest. The first one, "So This Is Goodbye," has the greatest stop motion since The Wizard of Speed and Time. Pretty great project with awesome results:


Rob said...

I'm stoked about this show. See you there?

jds said...

I'll be there with K from Analog Giant. Any other bloggers be showing up? It'll be a nice meet up.

Rob said...

My friend Creighton will be in the house, too. As will the lovely Amy.