Sunday, April 01, 2007

Yo La Tengo | Coming to Northampton | April 20th

Most of the time I'm pimping a show around here, it's for bands I've never seen live since the bands are often on their maiden tour. So, while I know I like the album, I really don't know how they are live. Talking up a Yo La Tengo show is the complete opposite. They've made countless laps around the club circuit and I've been lucky to catch them about 15-20 times. So, with great confidence, I say "Driving two hours down to Northampton (@ Academy of Music) to see Yo La Tengo on a Friday night is well worth the trip."

Not only do they keep their entire discography alive in their set lists, they constantly reinterpret their songs which makes for an exciting night of music. You never know what you are going to get during any given show. Plus, you get occasional covers, honored requests from the crowd and some amusing stage banter.

An additional bonus is that The Clean guitarist, and longtime YLT friend, David Kilgour will be opening for them. So, there is an excellent chance, he'll join them on stage at some point too.

Yo La Tengo | Did I tell You (Live)
Yo La Tengo | Gates of Steel (Live) (Devo cover)
Yo La Tengo | Sheena Is a Punk Rocker (Live) (Ramones cover)

Live video of "Little Eyes":

Live video of "Cherry Chapstick":

Photo courtesy of dmguz.


jds said...

420, dude.

you are going to miss Kris Gruen and The Bowmans who will be playing at Langdon Street Cafe that night.

i'll be missing it all too, as I plan to be spending that evening catching Toubab Krewe in Asheville, NC.

Flatlander said...

Yeh, I ran into Kris at the show last night and he reminded me of the 4/20 show. However, I think he said he's going to have some other local shows during that tour too. So, maybe I'll catch one of those shows.

Cruising in that new Toubab bus down in NC?