Saturday, September 08, 2007

Vermont Blog Ratings

According to this site, False 45th is rated R. I'd say it's more PG-13 but I guess we've used a few f-bombs over the years to bump it up to an R rating. Here's what they cite as the reason for the R rating:

* hell (8x)
* ass (4x)
* gun (3x)
* fucking (2x)
* suck (1x)

The one I'm most shocked by is "gun". I've used "gun" three times?? Huh. Weird.

Here are the Vermont blogs in our blog roll and their ratings:

* 802 Online | G

* A Cold Sweat | PG-13

* Analog Giant | G [k is so much more subversive to the youth of America than his G rating implies]

* Angioplasty Media | PG-13 [not bad for the new kids on the block. give them a few weeks and I'm sure they'll bump it to an R]

* Candleblog | PG [obviously, this rating doesn't factor in Dan Z's TV show]

* Eat More Kale | G [trust me. I just saw Bo at a party tonight. he ain't G rated]

* Found Drama | G

* Highgate | R [yeh, that rating feels about right]

* Kingdom for a Voice | PG

* Latitude 44.2 N | G [so, jds was sporting a G rating before coming over to the dark side]

* Montpelier Matters | G

* solidstate | G [they must not factor in the comments]

* Spitting Out Teeth... | PG

* Terrapin Gardens | G

* The Contrarian | R [come on. you knew that one was coming.]

* The Le Duo | PG

* The Pages Within | PG [the site says he earned a PG because he used the words "hurt" and "pain". Oy vey!]

* what i saw today | G


Brad said...

The Almanac is the proud recipient of an NC-17 rating! And it's mostly thanks to my post about Eugene and the Fags.

(wait, did I just bump up your rating by writing that?!).

Believe it or not, one of the words they use to figure out your rating is "dead".

Flatlander said...

Nice. Well done.

The only blog in Vermont I could find with an NC-17 rating was Mistress Maeve. Although, if Mistress Maeve isn't going to get an X rating, I don't know what it takes to achieve that lofty status.

jay said...

PG? WTF? I'm going to have to start swearing like a sailor.

Rob said...

Must not be going back very far. I don't curse all that much but I hardly think a comprehensive analysis of my archives would yield a "G".


Tanner M. said...

Rated R? Fuckin' A right.

kingdomforavoice said...

I guess it's time for me to start posting more topless photos.

Bob F. said...

extrawack! is PG, "based on on the presence of the following words: sexy (1x)"

...and that's including my most recent post with the words "porno", "pervs", and the names of porn stars Randy West, Peter North & Tom Byron.

Maybe I should post some Turbonegro lyrics.

casey said...

Shit, fuck, damn -- we're still a Vermont blog?

the le duo said...

huh, i'm pg cause i said ass a couple of times and 'jizz'- not in a dirty way, but as part of a great Italian free jazz blog!

but seriously, parents, keep your kids away from highgate- that freaky shit will fuck any kid up!


Mistress Maeve said...

What?! I'm not X-rated? That's insulting.