Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Los Campesinos!

If you aren't digging the new Architecture in Helsinki album (and I'm right there with ya) but love that earlier AiH sound, I'd suggest giving Los Campesinos! a try. Hailing from Cardiff, they released their debut six-song EP, Sticking Fingers in Sockets, this year and it's a hefty dose of pop goodness. The EP even includes a cover of Pavement's "Frontwards".

Regarding the song below, give the song a chance. The first 1:15 is a long atmospheric guitar noodling build-up which is meant to set up the next five minutes. Then the guitar kicks in and you start thinking, "Is this a Teenage Riot cover?" Then someone starts tapping away at the xylophones and you're like "Is this a side project for the good folks at Architecture in Helsinki?" Then you just quit trying to figure it out and start enjoying the song.

The toughest thing to choke down from them is their completely unnecessary use of exclamation points. "Hey guys, what do you think of using lots of exclamation points all over the place to get some attention." "Sounds fab, let's go with it!" Ugh. I would have voted for more semicolons.

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Michelle said...

I think that they are such a creative band. They are amazing. They actually did some awesome interviews that people should check out to find out more about them.