Thursday, September 13, 2007

The Haircuts | Sorrow Is the Way to Love

If you like your twee lo-fi with plenty of tape hiss (think GBV's Bee Thousand or Elevator to Hell's Parts 1-3) then you may want to make the effort to get a copy of this overlooked 2006 album from The Haircuts.

The Haircuts aren't so much a band as they are pen pals. Teresa Daniele and Ryan Marquez recorded Sorrow Is the Way to Love by sending 4-track cassettes back-and-forth in the mail. That's sooooo Clinton's first term. However, it works for them because Ryan's flat vocals combine nicely with Teresa's pixie-sounding voice as they lay down over a bed of guitar fuzz with that poppy melody.

Plus, it's ten songs that clock in at a combined time of 19 minutes and 27 seconds. Yeh, that'd make Robert Pollard happy.

The Haircuts | The Last Stop | Buy
The Haircuts | Ballad of the Razor | Buy
The Haircuts | The Gate (Belle & Sebastian cover) | Buy

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