Saturday, September 29, 2007

SculptCycle 2008

Chicago and NYC had their artsy cows in the streets a few years ago. Now, it's Montpelier's turn. However, we're ditching the cows for bikes. Welcome SculptCycle 2008.

Here's the deal...over the next few weeks, FreeRide in Montpelier is going to be collecting used bikes and bike parts. Then over the fall and winter, artists will be selected to turn the bike parts in art. Finally, next spring, the art pieces will be installed around town as a summer long art exhibition. In the fall, the pieces will be auctioned off via an online auction.

I love it. It's fun. It recycles old bikes. It adds to the character of downtown. It promotes biking. I'm sure some cranky old farts will complain about the sidewalks being blocked or whatnot but screw them. I like SculptCycle 2008.

If you want to donate old bikes, the remaining drop-off dates are Oct 20 and Nov 10. Drop them off at FreeRide.

If you're handy with a blowtorch and have an artistic vision, there's some contact info here.

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