Thursday, September 13, 2007

Gogol Bordello | Coming to Montpelier | Oct 12

Dan has all the details over on solidstate.

I'm not a big fan of Gogol Bordello but I hear they're great live. Plus, it's so close that I could ride my bike to the show. It sure beats hoofing my ass to Montreal for some rock-n-roll. So, I'm up for it.

Gogol Bordello | Wonderlust King | Buy
Gogol Bordello | American Wedding | Buy


Wally said...

Hey guys,

Can't seem to find an email address for you so I'm reaching out in this o-so-public forum. Can y'll include my Vermont-centric Red Sox blog on your Vermont blogroll?

As payment, I offer some bands/artists I've been loving lately that might be up your alley: John Vanderslice, Laura Veirs, Manchester Orchestra, House of Fools, Scott Matthews.

Keep up the great bloggin'!

Peter said...

Oh my god, this would be a splendid concert... but...
Grizzly Bear= $10
Okkervil River = $12
Andrew Bird = $20
Guster = $25
Stars = $15
Kevin Drew = $20

$102.00 worth of a tickets... a 17 year old's pockets run only so deep...

Flatlander said...


You put me in a tough position. How can a Yankee fan link to a Red Sox blog; particularly on the eve of a three-game series?

Hmmm. Let me think about how I can rectify this it.

Flatlander said...


Good point. Lots of shows = lots of dough.

Think of it this twenty years, you won't remember how much you paid for the tickets but you'll easily recall the kick-ass version of "The President's Dead" that Okkervil River knocked out.

Wally said...
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Bob F. said...

Lets go Mets.

Manchester Orchestra are awesome.