Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Do you like Pandora? How about YouTube? Well, like chocolate and peanut butter, together at last, I give you

Here's how it works: You enter an artist's name and it starts playing a video from that artist. Then you can rate it as "thumbs up" or "thumbs down" or just click on the ">|" [next] button. However, before you choose ">|", you can indicate whether you want the next video to be from the same artist or one from a similar artist. Then the site keeps track of what you like and feeds you recommendations of other artists and videos.

Nothing earth shattering but kind of fun to play with. I just entered Jens Lekman and proceeded to request videos from similar artists. That led to Magnetic Fields which begat Belle & Sebastian which begat Broken Social Scene which begat Yo La Tengo which begat Elliott Smith. Those are fairly-well related connections for some algorithm to make.

The site is still in beta so it might be a bit buggy but I haven't found any problems with it yet.

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