Thursday, September 13, 2007

Neil Cleary | The Jazz Guys | Coming to Higher Ground | Sep 20

Earlier this summer, ex-Vermonter Neil Cleary released his third full-length album and now is going on a mini east coast tour to support the album. Next Thursday, the Cleary-mobile will be pulling into Burlington to play Higher Ground. Opening the show will be Burlington punk-popsters, The Jazz Guys.

If you haven't heard Cleary's album I Was Thinking of You the Whole Time, it's a wicked combination of rock, humor and vanity...but in a good-humored way. To say the album is full of love songs would be misleading. While the songs chronicle Cleary's past loves, it's more locker room than sweet and tender...but in a good-humored way. Musically, while his earlier albums had been more acoustic and alt-country at times, I Was Thinking... sounds more inspired by Elvis Costello with his pop eclecticism and crooning.

In fact, I don't know why I'm trying to describe what the album sounds like. The album cover above does a perfect job of summarizing the disc...but in a good-humored way.

It's available via iTunes.

The latest word on The Jazz Guys is that they've been working on material for a new album. So, the show should be a good showcase for those works.

Also on a Jazz Guys note, Herb, the bass player for the quartet, is now also a blogger on the revamped Pure Pop Online. You can read his posts here.

Sweet show poster.

Neil Cleary | That Girl's In Love | Buy
Neil Cleary | Sucker | Buy
The Jazz Guys | The Best Five Minutes of Your Life | Buy


cj howareya said...

Is that the cover?

Freakin hilarious.

Flatlander said...

Nope. It's an far as I know. Yeh, the whole album has that similar tone to it. It's a good listen and should be a fun show.