Wednesday, February 15, 2006

More Concert Updates

Ready for some more concert announcements? On top of all the other shows that have been announced lately, here are four more. Thankfully, all of these shows are in Burlington.

Feb 17th | The Jazz Guys | Club Metronome

I wrote about these guys a week or so ago and am looking forward to seeing them live. It may be a late night though. The show is listed as 10-2 with an opening band. Regardless, it's a Friday night and I'm digging that tune "The Best Five Minutes of Your Life".

Mar 21st | Editors | Higher Ground

In a weird twist, I wrote about Editors right after writing about The Jazz Guys. It's nice when you write about a band and then they play locally. Unfortunately, this date stinks for me. I already have tickets for Silver Jews in Boston on Mar 19th and Arctic Monkeys in Montreal on Mar 22nd. With kids, family, job, etc., three shows in four nights isn't a possibility. However, if you aren't going to the other shows, I'd strongly suggest catching this show.

Apr 30th | Built to Spill | Higher Ground

Built to Spill is a band I've always felt I should like but don't. A lot of people who like the same bands I do love Built to Spill. However, I've never seen them live so I'm hoping this show will finally open my eyes to their greatness.

May 27th |
The Pants | Higher Ground

I've read and heard people reference The Pants locally with great reverence. I guess before we moved up here, The Pants were the kings of the scene. Well, they are reuniting for a show over Memorial Day weekend at Higher Ground. They are even being booked into the big room there which is a good indication of the attention they used to receive within the local scene. It'll be fun to finally hearing what all of the hoopla is about.


jds said...

Built to Spill = Greatness

Bill said...

Is the Pants thing official? I thought it was still in the rumor stage.

jds said...

It's as official as it gets.

Bob F. said...

You know stellastarr* is on that Editors bill, right?

Flatlander said...

I'm not familiar with stellastarr* (although, based upon your comment, I'm guessing I should be and will be soon) but it wouldn't matter if Hendrix was coming back from the dead for one-night only, I can't swing three shows in four nights and I already have paid for the tickets for the other shows.

OK, I admit it...I'd make an exception for a "risen from the dead" Hendrix concert.

baseballpajamas said...

I saw Built to Spill several times toward the end of the 90's in Seattle. I can understand that they don't appeal to everyone. But I love the way they mix pop underpinnings and 70's rock guitar god solo noodlings in such a playful way. In particular I like the long songs found on "Perfect from Now on", which can make abrupt changes of direction several times in the same song. Back then, they were surprisingly nonchalant, even sheepish, onstage, with a perhaps deliberate lack of stage show or dramatic arc to their shows. It was pretty refreshing, to me, but I can imagine that, if you're not really listening carefully to the songs and just letting them wash over you, it might not be very compelling. But it was always charming to me to hear Doug Martsch play seven minutes of wailing guitar hijinx, unplug his guitar, give a little waist-high wave, and say, "Bye, thanks alot for coming, see ya."