Monday, February 13, 2006

Montpelier's Connection to the Olympics | UPDATE

Generally, I show about as much enthusiasm for the Winter Olympics as I do for renewing my driver's license. I know it's going to happen every few years but until the event is upon me, I can barely acknowledge its existence.

This year, however, I have a rooting interest in the games. Many people in Montpelier know Bo Muller-Moore, the man behind Eat More Kale t-shirts, blogger and all around good-guy, but do they know that the cousin of Bo's wife will be snowboarding for the US Olympic Team this year?

Her name is Hanah Teter. She's just 18, from Belmont, VT and will be competing in the half-pipe (along with 2002 gold medalist and fellow VT resident, Kelly Clark). Both, the qualifying rounds and finals of the women's half-pipe, will take place on Monday, Feb 13th.

NBC's Olympic website has a nice page on Teter. If you click on "Video" they have some interviews and action montages of her you can watch. What's up with the burberry coat? Those crazy kids these days.

You can also catch Teter in the 2005 snowboarding documentary, First Descent. I've never heard of the movie but it has a sweet website where you can watch the trailer featuring Teter. The clip at the end of the trailer where the snowboarder is trying to outrun the avalanche is insane.

So, now when you tune in to Bob Costas in a turtleneck sitting by a fireplace in a faux ski lodge, you have a good reason not to flip the channel.

UPDATE: Hanah Teter won the gold medal today in the Women's Halfpipe. Two people not from Vermont took second and third while Kelly Clark of West Dover, VT took fourth. Congratulations to Bo, his wife and the entire Teter clan.


jds said...
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jds said...

Vermont is all over the Winter Olympics scene this year. I was going to post a list of green mtn athletes, but I couldn't keep track. Amazing. I'm not just foing for US gold, I'm all about VT GOLD!

nico said...

I need to do a post promoting Birmingham's Winter Olympic contribution this time around, bobsledder Vonetta Flowers.

This is her second time to the Winter Olympics. If I remember correctly, she's the only black person to have ever medaled at the Winter Olympics.

K. said...

Watched Clark this weekend on the XGames she is awesome. Look forward to seeing some Vermont pride at the games. Lots of Northeasterns representing the snow sports.

Morgan W. Brown said...

Am watching the 2006 Winter Olympics on TV here and there when I can and, while doing so, had managed to just catch the results of the Women's halfpipe and Hanah Teter struck gold! Am awful at recalling names, so I cannot remember the name of the U.S. team member who took the Silver Medal in the same event. VT resident Kelly Clark did not make the medal stand in the women's halfpipe.

Morgan W. Brown said...

Hannah, Gretchen go 1-2 in halfpipe [via U.S. Olympic Team Website]

-jace said...

I was most impressed with Clark's second run. I couldn't believe that it was women's halfpipe. She was fierce. I think if she hadn't scrubbed at the end she would have taken gold.

Flatlander said...


I agree. That run by Clark was amazing. It was a shame that she wobbled and touched the ground at the bottom of the pipe. I think the commentator said something about how people will be talking about that run for a long time regardless of where she finished.