Thursday, February 02, 2006


I saw this on Candleblog today and thought it was worth echoing over here.

Mophie is a company started by a freshman at Burlington's Champlain College. But this isn't some dopey school project. Last week, Mophie won the "Best of Show in Innovation" award at the MacWorld trade show for it's line of slick iPod accessories. When I think about what I was doing as a freshman in college, I have to tip my hat to the kid.

The accessories Mophie sells range from simple protective cases to protective cases with built-in FM transmitters to remote controls to slings for an iPod Shuffle. The stuff is a little pricey but with the price of college tuition these days, I guess we can't blame the kid.

I'm curious about the protective case with the FM transmitter. I have the iTrip but it's signal is so weak that I still get static. However, I also have another FM transmitter that is strong enough to block out any static but it only works on eight channels and needs to be plugged into the cigarette lighter; which is a hassle. So, if the FM transmitter from Mophie is strong enough, it might be worth the $39.99. If anyone has tried one, please let me know how well it works.

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Jim said...

I'd be interested to hear how the Mophie transmitter does, too. I have an iTrip and have used it maybe three times because it's such a poor device.