Tuesday, February 14, 2006


Happy Valentines Day! to those who celebrate it. My wife and I skip on this "corporate-marketing-driven" holiday. I think it's healthier to express your love all year round rather than bottling it up for one day of "love avalanche".

Regardless, it seemed like a good opportunity to write about another Swedish pop band, Loveninjas. These knuckleheads take the stage dressed as they are in the photo. Or at least they did until someone recently mistook their costumes for garbage and threw them in the trash following a show in Germany.

Costumes or not though, they put together an EP of fun pop tunes about death, sex and Japanese girls. Hey, what else is there to life than death, sex and Japanese Girls, right? The EP is titled after the single, "Keep Your Love" and is available via their Swedish uber-label, Labrador.

Loveninjas | Keep Your Love
Loveninjas | Meet Me Here


jds said...

Thanks for posting these. The second track, Meet Me Here , reminds me of Death Cab. Nice stuff.

c said...

"love avalanche" :=)
nice one.