Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Black Lipstick

Do you like the rock and blues sound of The Stones but can't stomach the hideous geriatric sellouts they've become? Well, perhaps you would like to spend some time with Black Lipstick.

I don't hear a lot of bands copying The Stones' sound and I don't know why. Of the big classic rock bands, they seem to get the fewest mentions when bands are asked about their influences. Perhaps its related to the fact that The Stones have tarnished a lot of the coolness of their youth by their endless farewell/reunion tours and the fact they haven't done anything artistically exciting in over twenty years.

However, Austin's Black Lipstick doesn't seem to worry about following Mick & Keith's lead and writing melodic rock songs with heavy bluesy guitar and bass lines. Their songs don't ooze with the sexuality of The Stones but it's a different era for that and they aren't going to "out-sex" The Stones so it's best to not even try. They take the more 21st century indie rock approach to sex and have a cute female drummer. Plus, their 2005 release, Sincerely, Black Lipstick, seems to have more to do with death than anything fun like sex.

Black Lipstick | B.O.B. F.O.S.S.E. (follow the link & choose free download)


Jim said...

I downloaded that tune last year and love it. But I've sampled some of their other stuff and really can't get into them.

They remind me more of the VU than the Stones.

Flatlander said...

Hmmm. I think I hear your comparison to the VU but moreso on the rest of the album than on "B.O.B. F.O.S.S.E."

Where did you download it? I've been trying to figure out how it got onto my iPod but can't figure out if it came from someone on the list or a blog.

Jim said...

If I'm not mistaken, it came from 3hive.

StillWater said...

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