Sunday, February 19, 2006


Like most people, you aren't going to SXSW music festival. Like most music fans, you probably wish you were going. The combination of those two points makes this SXSW webpage that Jim from 11 A.M. Air Raid tipped me off to today a great find.

The page is basically the schedule for all of the shows that'll take place over the week next month down in Austin. The beauty of the page is that most of the bands have mp3 files available for downloading. It's a great way to sample the bands that most of us will be missing.

The bands with a cassette tape next to their name have a mp3 file available. Just click on the band's name to go to the page with the link to the file. You can also click on the other days of the week across the top to see that day's schedule and sample more mp3 files.

Damn, I really need to move up to a 40GB iPod.


scully said...

There's at least one Vermonter listed on that site--Kris Gruen. Kris is the son of famous rock photographer, Bob Gruen.

Thanks for the heads-up.

Flatlander said...

Scully, thanks for the tip

Anonymous said...

Screw SXSW. Gimme Sasquatch.