Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Stones Throw Podcast | Contrast Podcast

Lately, I've been listening to a lot of podcasts. Don't know why but I am. Regardless, here are two new ones to check out.

Madlib is a DJ on Stones Throw Records. For one of the label's recent podcasts, Madlib mixed a bunch of 45's of obscure soul and funk. The result is brilliant. Similar to DJ Shadow/Cut Chemist's Brainfreeze except Madlib doesn't layer any of the records; just plays parts of them straight. Here's the beauty of runs for over an hour and is free via iTunes. That's the best deal you'll find today. Towards the end, he lets a lame dope novelty song run waaay too long but otherwise, the mix is consistently sharp.

You can download it via iTunes here. You can stream it from Stones Throw's site here.

Thanks to Analog Giant for the tip on this one.

The other podcast is Contrast Podcast #9. The theme for this one was "local".

I had wanted to submit a song to this podcast from formerly Montpelier's and now Burlington's very own Hello Beautiful. Hello Beautiful's "Boreguard" is a gorgeous song; particularly once the organ and drums kick in. However, I got caught up with a bunch of crap over the weekend and the podcast filled up before I could get a submission across the Atlantic.

Hello Beautiful | Boreguard

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K. said...

Agreed the dope thing is funny for its novelty but a 30 sec or less cut would have done the trick. I guess Madlib just got tired of trying to find 45s.