Thursday, May 25, 2006


If you are trying to make it in the music industry, it helps to open shows for The Arcade Fire and Clap Your Hands. That's exactly what Snowden did last year. This year they signed with Jade Tree Records and played SXSW. See how that works!

In August, they'll be releasing their debut LP titled Anti Anti (they have earlier self-released The Snowden EP). They sound like they are from England but actually hail from Atlanta and sport a bit of that retro 80's new wave sound. However, it isn't as overwhelming as it is with other retro 80's bands. But quite booty shaking.

The title track has been rocking my iPod for a week now and isn't releasing it's grip on my ear drums. Great stuff. There's more from them on their myspace site.

Snowden | Anti Anti

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cresmer said...

Not to be confused with B.J. Snowden.