Saturday, May 06, 2006

Buch Spieler Opening at Midnight for Neil Young Release

Montpelier is a haven for hippies. With that in mind, Buch Spieler has decided to open at midnight on Sunday night to sell the Monday, May 9th release of Neil Young's latest political rant Living With War. The store will be open until 1am for everyone to get their impeachment ya-ya's out.

I heard about this yesterday when I was in the store picking up a copy of the new Essex Green album. I applaud the idea and effort to create some excitement. However, I told them I probably wouldn't come down since I'm not a huge fan of Young's latest efforts and judging from the song titles & sound clips I've heard, Young's political rants sound a bit ham-fisted. Quite frankly, The Flaming Lips have released the best anti-war/Bush album this year but nobody would show up at midnight to buy the latest Flaming Lips album.

However, after saying I wouldn't show up, I remember that I had pre-ordered the new Gnarls Barkley and Beirut albums at Buch Spieler (both albums are slated for a Tuesday release date). So, I asked if I could come down at midnight to just pick up those albums rather than the Neil Young album. Unfortunately, they said my albums won't arrive until Monday after the festivities. It's too bad. I would have liked the contrast of picking up the Gnarls Barkley album while everyone else was gathering their Neil fix. Without having heard either album in its entirity, I'm willing to bet that the Gnarls Barkley album will finish the year higher on the Village Voice Pazz & Jop Poll.

Having said all of that, tomorrow night, I'm planning on going to the Pinback show which may get me home around midnight. If I roll into town around that time, I'll have to swing by the store to see what the scene is like.

Neil Young | Let's Impeach the President (courtesy of Kwaya Na Kisser)
Neil Young | Shock & Awe (courtesy of in house with jeremy petersen)


wyneken said...

Just a word in defense of Neil Young. "Ham-fisted," a term I really like, might be a bit too strong here.

Nobody in my hearing has accused Neil Young of excessive subtlety. (Remember "Ohio"? Gotta get down to it / Soldiers are cutting us down / et al.) But it's obvious from the lo-fi stream at Young's website that what he's aiming for in Living With War is not thoughtful critique, nor cutting indie irony, nor even capital-A Art, but something like a rousing, stomping, populist barn-burner that is really a lot of fun, in addition to being mad as hell.

I *like* the Flaming Lips -- in fact I *admire* the Flaming Lips -- but there's a reason people don't line up at midnight to buy their albums, and why right-wing talk show hosts aren't accusing them of sucking terrorist cock, or whatever they're saying about Neil these days.

Thanks for posting these tracks. The title cut is also good. I'm not the world's greatest Neil Young fan, but I really think he's found his groove again with this one.

Flatlander said...

Fair points. Besides the two tracks I linked to, I haven't heard the album. However, I still like a bit of subtlety to my art. The fact is that everybody that is a Neil Young fan is aware of the disaster that Bush and the Iraq War have been. A bit of preaching to the choir but getting attention like he's doing something more significant.

By the way, I drove by Buch Spieler tonight on the way back from the Pinback show and at 11:38, there was someone standing outside the shop waiting to get the album.

bobby domino said...

hey flatty,
when we opened the doors at midnight there was line of about 8 to 10 people. ive got to say i was pretty surprised. people stumbled in and out until about 12:45. i think in all we sold around 20 neil young cds. it was a good time.

One last thing,
the new (and final) grandaddy album is being released tomorrow! its freakin good!

casey said...

we used to do midnight sales at Pure Pop all the time. Even for the Flaming Lips And how subtle are they, for Chrissakes? It's like shooting hippies in a barrel.

Neil gets a free pass in my book. Wayne Coyne gets to hang out with String Cheese Incident.

casey said...

I forgot to put in a period. For shame!

kingdomforavoice said...

I find myself going back to the old Neil Young work from time to time but never really get into the new stuff. The Flaming Lips are one of the most amazing bands ever, the last show i saw was one of those shows that make you want to go out and do something positive. I've met Wayne a couple of times(he goes to shows in Oklahoma City all the time) and you couldn't find a more engaging and interested guy. I threw out the idea that he should do a one disc version of Zaireeka, he wants the fans to play with it. Well that's my two cents.

casey said...

I used to be pretty into the Lips. I guess I'm just reacting to their overexposure -- RELIX magazine, anyone? -- and the fact that they'll play any rape-your-wallet, melt-your-mind jam festival that comes along. But those gigs probably pay well and have the best herb...

K. said...

i listened to the whole disk. i wasn't impressed. i hate gw as much as the next guy not really into listening to an entire album about it and most of the songs on the disk were lack luster.

now that gnarles disk? that is some good stuff. for my anti-vibe i am enjoying the bosses covers of seeger alot more than neils impeach the president record. bought both gnarles and bruce at buch spieler today.