Friday, May 26, 2006

Kasey Keller Sings

This happened a few months ago but this is the best video I've seen of it.

After Borussia Mönchengladbach beat their rivals Cologne, US goalkeeper, who plays for Mönchengladbach, led the team back onto the field and led the crowd in singing an anti-Cologne song. It's funny to first hear the crowd cheer after Keller and the team come charging out of the tunnel and then start chanting U-S-A in appreciation of Keller. Keller then picks up the mic and starts singing. The crowd goes nuts.

Check out the homemade flag in the lower left of the screen. Some fan has stitched together a German and US flag along with some other flag (perhaps
Mönchengladbach's team flag). Those guys love their Keller.

By the way, Keller was fined by the German Football Association for singing a derogatory song to the crowd but I doubt he regrets the fun moment.

Programming reminder: US vs Venezuela tonight @ 7pm on ESPN2.

1 comment:

Michael K. said...

How freaking great is that.

At least we know of one German city where they'll be pulling for us.