Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Contrast Podcast

Is it ever too early to start compiling "Best of 2006" lists? Nah.

With that in mind, I submitted a song to the current Contrast Podcast which carries the theme of "Best of 2006 (so far)". I sent over The Jazz Guys' "The Best Five Minutes of Your Life" which is available on The Jazz Guy's website. The killer song will also anchor their debut EP, A Blessing In Disguise which will be released in early June. In fact, the CD release party will be at Club Metronome on June 9th. I leave for the World Cup the next morning so I won't be able to make it but I'm looking forward to hearing the rest of the EP.

The hardest part of submitting a song to the podcast was recording the intro. Tim Young, who complies and posts the podcasts asks bloggers to submit a song along with a 30-60 second intro to the song. First, I had to get a mic ($9 at Staples), then I had to figure out how to use the Windows Sound Recorder including adjusting the sound levels and then I had to decide what to say. Writing about music is easier that putting together one fluid smooth explanation of why the song is so good. Plus, like everyone, I hate the sound of my voice. So, it took me about 417 takes befoe I got something that was even marginally acceptable. Thankfully, as bad as my intro is, the quality of The Jazz Guys saves the day to make it a worthwhile submission.


Tim Young said...

Oh Murf! You make it sound like such a trial! You'll put everyone else off ... ;)

... but seriously many thanks for taking part. It is always good that new bloggers make the effort and choose such good music.

....and you are going to the world cup!

Flatlander said...

It was fun. Nobody should be put off. I was actually just mocking myself and my inability to make a 30 second recording. I'm sure others would handle the situation with great aplomb!

In fact, I enjoyed it so much, I hope to contribute again on future podcass.